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How to pay

How to pay

We tried to make booking bus tickets in Thailand and paying for tickets at really simple and convenient for everyone. After selecting your trip and filling out your contact details, you can choose one of the available payment options, whichever you find most convenient to you.

At our website, you can select to either pay right away with PayPal or credit card, which is the simplest and the fastest way to purchase a ticket for bus in Thailand, or you can choose to pay later by cash. If you choose to pay later, we will reserve your tickets until 23.30 (11.30pm) ICT (Bangkok) time, of the day on which you made your booking. Please make sure that you can pay for your reservation before this time, or your reservation will be cancelled.

After paying for your tickets using one of the available payment methods, you will find your tickets sent to your email, which you indicated at check-out. Alternatively, you can log-in into our website using the phone number you provided and find your tickets in the members zone.

To ensure maximum protection, all transactions on our website are secured with 128bit encryption.

Full list of available payment options:

CardsServices 1Services 2Cenpay inner 1Cenpay mainCenpay inner 2

Can reserve tickets and pay later

If you wish to reserve your bus tickets first and pay for them later, please select one of the cash payment options (available only if you’re present in Thailand). We will generate an Invoice for you, please print it and bring it to the cash payment channel, which you selected on the payment page.

The list of cash payment channels, which accept payment for bus tickets booked on, can be found on your Invoice. If you lost your invoice or cannot find it in your email, you can log-in into our website using your phone number and find Invoice in the members zone.

Please note that we can reserve your bus ticket in our system only before 23.30 (11.30pm) ICT (Bangkok) time of the day on which you made your booking. It means that you must to pay for your booking before this time. If you fail to pay bofore this time, your booking and your seat will be cancelled and you will need to make another booking.

Once you’ve paid for your booking, you will receive your tickets in your email. Alternatively, you you can find your tickets in the members zone, simply log-in into website using your phone number.

Full list of our cash payment channels:

Services 1Services 2Cenpay inner 1Cenpay mainCenpay inner 2

Refunds and cancellations

Refunds and cancellation policies are decided solely by the travel providers, bus and ferry companies, which provide the service of transportation. is an online travel agency, we are in the business of selling bus ticket and ferry tickets online and, unfortunately, we cannot influence the polices of travel providers.

All changes, refunds and cancellation requests will be re-directed to the transportation providers and will be processed and decided case by case by the providers themselves. This means we cannot guarantee that we will be able to issue you a full refund with 100% certainty. In many cases, there will be no refund, and in some cases, fees and fines will be deducted from the refunded amount.

Therefore, to avoid any trouble with your trip, we strongly recommend that you purchase your bus tickets online only when you can be certain of your travel plans.

In any case, if you want to cancel or change your trip, please contact our Customer Support as early as possible and we will try to do the impossible and negotiate for you with the travel provider.

More details about our Cancellation Policy can be found in our Terms and Conditions of Service. Some more details about how refunds are processed can be found in our FAQ.