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About Tickets

About us

Tickets.co.th offers a simple, reliable and convenient way to book tickets for buses and ferries in Thailand. Our customers include thousands of Thai nationals and tourists in Thailand, who chose us as their favorite website for purchasing bus tickets and ferry tickets in Thailand at most affordable prices.

Currently, we search for bus and ferry tickets from 54 bus companies and ferries, offering trips to more than 1,500 destinations covering all Thailand provinces, and we’re working on expanding our reach and adding more routes and destinations every day.

Our prices remain the lowest at the market, because can we negotiate volume discounts with bus companies and ferries and pass these discounts to travellers.

To simplify booking process, we offer multiple payment methods which cater to all categories of travellers and make buying bus tickets in Thailand as simple and comfortable as possible.

Why buy bus tickets online

Whether you’re a frequent traveller, or just looking for a one-time trip in Thailand, buying your bus tickets online makes a lot of sense.

First of all, there’s no need to make a trip to the bus stationn to buy bus ticket: you can buy your ticket in the comfort of your home or work using any electronic device with internet connection.

You can book bus tickets online at any time of the day, so you’re not restricted to the bus station work hours and not dependent on the carriers’ work schedule.

Second most important factor is that you can actually book your tickets in advance. On our website at Tickets.co.th, you can buy bus tickets 3 months in advance and ferry tickets as long as 6 months in advance.

In Thailand, where bus tickets availability is prone to influence by seasons and holidays, buying bus tickets in advance will help protect your travel plans from falling apart. In many cases, if you didn’t plan your trip in advance, hoping you can buy bus tickets at bus station right before the departure, you may encounter that there’re no tickets available for your trip or not enough tickets, if you’re travelling in a group. Take a note: during high seasons and holidays, tickets run out fast in Thailand.

Third factor is the number of available bus and ferry providers online. For example, on our website at Tickets.co.th, you can search for, compare and choose trips provided by 54 bus carriers and ferries making daily trips to over 1,500 destinations in Thailand.

To sum it up, the three most important factors making booking bus tickets online advantageous is the convenience, ability to purchase in advance and great diversity of providers and destinations, all on one website.

You may also consider other factors when choosing to buy bus tickets online, such as convenience of available payment options, easy to navigate web-interface, helpful information guides, friendly and supportive customer service, etc.

Why buy bus tickets on Tickets.co.th

In addition to the common advantages of buying bus tickets online, our website offers you even more benefits compared to other online travel agencies and websites.

Quick and easy purchase 

With our direct connections to the bus companies and ferries, we can offer real-time availability of seats on all trips. Searching, selecting and paying for your trip has never been easier. In fact, to choose your trip and book your bus ticket on Tickets.co.th won’t take you more than 5 minutes.

Convenient and secure payment options

We have thought a lot about all categories of travellers and offered to them the most commonly asked payment methods. Whether you prefer to pay by credit card, by PayPal or by cash – you will be able to find a payment method which suits you most. In addition, all transactions on our website are secured with 128-bit encryption, so your personal data is safe.

Reserve now and pay later

If you don’t want to pay for your trip right away, still unsure about your travel plans, or don’t have a credit card on hand, you can reserve your seat on our website and pay later. Your seat will be reserved for you until the end of the day, to help you make up your mind. This way, you can be certain that your seat won’t be taken by somebody else.

More than 1,500 destinations

On Tickets.co.th, you can buy a bus ticket or a ferry ticket to almost anywhere in Thailand. We have gathered on our website trips from over 54 bus carriers and ferris in Thailand, making daily trips to over 1,500 destinations covering all near and far provinces in Thailand. On our website you have both availability and variety to choose from.

Immediate confirmation

Our website is connected directly to the ticketing software of bus carriers and ferry companies, so we can offer real-time availability, as well as real-time seat confirmation. Once you booked and paid for your trip, we guarantee that your seat is reserved for you by the bus company or the ferry.

Your preferred carriers

If you’re a frequent traveller, you may already have a preferred bus company or ferry operator. We’re certain that among our transportation providers you will find the one you like most. If you like to travel with some other bus company or ferry which is not available on our website at the moment, please let us know and we’ll try to add them as soon as possible.

Low prices

Bus and ferry tickets are normally very affordable as such, moreover, we negotiated directly with the bus carriers and ferries, and asked for more discounts. Whenever we can get good price from the bus company or ferry, we try to pass this discount to our customers, so you can pay even less for your bus ticket or ferry ticket in Thailand. If you find any other agent or website where prices are lower than ours, please let us know.

Tickets.co.th – your bus ticket!