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Ranong - Bangkok from 414.00 THB

Ranong - Bangkok

Bus from Ranong to Bangkok offers a few Ranong-Bangkok buses. Most buses leave around 8 PM. Depending on your budget and your needs, you can choose any one of the three bus classes – Economy Class, Air-conditioned (414 Baht), First Class (483 Baht) or VIP bus from Ranong to Bangkok (644 Baht). Irrespective of your choice of bus, Ranong to Bangkok takes normally about 8 and half hours.

You can take a tuk-tuk or a songthaew from the main town to reach the Ranong bus station.

Ranong-Bangkok buses arrive at the Southern Terminal bus station in Bangkok, a modern complex with various facilities. Upon reaching the bus station, you can take a public bus or a taxi to reach your destination in the city. Based on traffic, the commute can take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour. Please consider this, if you’re planning to continue your journey from Bangkok to elsewhere in Thailand.

About Bangkok

Every visit to Thailand deserves a stop at Bangkok, the country’s capital. Bangkok is one of Asia’s most popular travel destinations. For people looking to experience the cultural heritage of Thailand, Bangkok has a lot of temples, palaces and museums. Shoppers find delight in the various markets in the city, like Mah Boon Krong Center and Chatuchak weekend market. And yes, Bangkok is also famous for its nightlife with a number of nightclubs and bars in the city. One of Bangkok’s highlights is the high number of canals in the city, giving it the title “Venice of the East.”

Tips for Travelers

There are various advantages of booking bus tickets online. For example, you can book tickets anytime you want, as per your convenience, without having to worry about the working hours at the bus station.

Second, you can book your tickets in advance. That’s a big advantage in a country like Thailand where tickets are in huge demand during holiday season or during festivals. At, you can book tickets up to 3 months in advance.

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