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Lampang - Bangkok from 672.00 THB

Lampang - Bangkok

Bus from Lampang to Bangkok

If you’re looking for bus tickets from Lampang to Bangkok, try out our reliable and dependable online booking facility. Lampang to Bangkok bus departs at 9 PM and arrives at Bangkok at 5.30 AM the next day. Lampang to Bangkok bus is managed by New Viriya Yarnyon Tour, with tickets priced at 672 Baht. The bus journey lasts for 8 hours 30 minutes. Presently, we offer only VIP Class buses on this route.

Lampang Bus Terminal, located in Lampang town, is a small terminal with all the adequate facilities. This terminal comprises several snack stalls, ample seating arrangements, ticket offices and covered areas. From Lampang town, you can reach the terminal through various modes of transportation such as songthaews or private minibuses.

Buses travelling on the Lampang-Bangkok route arrive at the Morchit 2 Bus terminal of Bangkok. The Morchit 2 Bus terminal, designated as the largest centre for bus transportation in Bangkok, connects the city with several northeastern and northwestern destinations.

About Bangkok

Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand, offers a huge number of attractions and ample sightseeing opportunities to keep its visitors hooked. Also known as “The City of Angels”, among its inhabitants, this cosmopolitan city houses a population of over 8 million people.

Bangkok is also referred as the “Venice of the East” due to the several canals present in the city. Bangkok offers you a thrilling experience of Thailand’s happening nightlife and luxury shopping at its international standard shopping malls. Popular traditional markets of the city include Mah Boon Krong Center and Chatuchak (JJ) weekend market.

Tips for travelers

When in Bangkok always make sure to take along a copy of your passport wherever you go as carrying your ID is mandatory in Thailand.

To avoid any trouble with your trip, book your tickets only if you are certain about your travel plans.

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