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Bangkok - Surat Thani from 457.00 THB

Bangkok - Surat Thani

Bangkok to Surat Thani-By bus

We offer a wide number of Bangkok-Surat Thani bus trips from well-known Thai bus providers such as Sri Suthep Tour, Bus Express, Lignite Tour, Subphaisan Tour, Bangkok Bus Line and Lomprayah. In total, we have about 34 daily departures catering to all types of travelers. Ticket rates for a bus from Bangkok to Surat Thani range from 470 Baht to 1,450 Baht, depending on whether you choose Economy Class, First Class, or VIP Class services, as well as depending on your final destination in the Surat Thani province and whether you stop at Surat Thani or continue traveling further to the islands (Lomphraya provides such service).

Bangkok to Surat Thani buses run throughout the day starting at 6 AM early in the morning to 9.00 PM in the evening. Majority of the buses depart in the evening at a frequency of less than 30 minutes. Bangkok (BKK) to Surat Thani bus journey lasts anywhere from 8 hours to 14 hours 20 minutes depending upon the route it takes and your final destination.

All BKK-Surat Thani buses leave from Bangkok’s South Terminal. Also known as Sai Tai Mai, this is the major departure terminal for buses leaving for Southern Thailand. This bus terminal, based on the banks of Chaopraya River, has numerous ticket counters, coffee shops, and banks.

Different bus carriers cater to different arrival points in the Surat Thani province, including Phunphin Junction Bus Station, Bus station E. Surat, King Amphur Ban Ta Khun Bus Station, and Ferry Port (Donsak) Bus Station among others.

About Surat Thani

Surat Thani Province is the biggest province in southern Thailand. Known as the “province of thousand islands,” it boats constellation of most popular islands in Thailand like Koh Samui, Koh Tao, Koh Phangan and the Mu Koh Ang Thong Marine National Park. Surat Thani province gives a glimpse into the unspoilt lifestyle and culture of Thailand with its authentic food and hospitality. Surat Thani, the administrative center of Surat Thani Province, is the eighth largest city in Thailand.

Tips for Travelers

Surat Thani serves as a starting point for a journey to the Gulf Islands, and is therefore a very busy destination. Tickets sell out fast during holiday seasons, especially in December and January, during Christmas and New Year holidays, as well as in April, during Songkran – Thai New Year. Reservation for a bus ticket can be made easily on our website: It is better to book yours in advance.

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