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Bangkok - Satun from 646.00 THB

Bangkok - Satun

Bangkok-Satun – By Bus

We provide few Bangkok-Satun bus departures, right from the affordable Economy class to the luxurious First and VIP classes. Two of Thailand’s leading bus carriers, Subphaisan Tour and Sri Suthep Tour, provide more than 25 daily bus departures on this route. Buses from Bangkok to Satun buses leave both in the morning and in the evening. In the morning, buses to Satun depart from Bangkok’s South Bus terminal at 7.00 AM, while in the evening, most Bangkok-Satun buses depart between 4.30 PM and 7.30 PM. Travel time Bangkok-Satun by bus ranges from 11 hours to 13 hours 30 minutes. Ticket rates for Bangkok-Satun buses are in the range of 662 Baht to 1070 Baht, depending upon the class of buses you opt for.

Bangkok’s South Bus Terminal is the departure point for all of our Bangkok-Satun buses. This bus terminal is a major bus transportation hub serving the southern and western towns of Thailand. The bus terminal has people-friendly English sign boards, buzzing retail shops, and food courts.

Bangkok-Satun buses arrive to different bus stations in the Satun province, including Satun Bus Terminal, which is based near the south end of the Satun city (the administrative center of the Satun province). Other bus stations in the Satun province include Thung Wa Bus Station, La-ngu Bus Station, Amphur Khuan Kalong Bus Station, among others.

About Satun

Satun province, located a few kilometers away from the Andaman Sea, provides tourists an easy access to Thailand’s 60 southern-most islands found in the Andaman Sea. Among these, Ko Adang, Ko Rawi and Ko Tarutao are the most prominent. Satun province borders Malaysia, and a majority of its population is Muslim.

Tips for Travelers

If you’re entering Satun city, you can save a tuk-tuk ride if you get off in the downtown area. Also, it is recommended that you select the bus timings, which make it convenient to reach in time for the boat rides to Thailand’s southern islands.

You can book your tickets online through from the comfort of your house at any time. We offer numerous payment methods to suit all types of users.

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