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Bangkok - Saraburi from 77.00 THB

Bangkok - Saraburi

Bangkok-Saraburi – By Bus

We are one of the leading providers of Bangkok-Saraburi bus services. Air Aran Pattana has 8 bus departures on the Bangkok-Saraburi route throughout the day. All our Bangkok-Saraburi buses are economy class air-conditioned buses; prices range from 79 Baht to 104 Baht. All of our Bangkok-Saraburi buses depart early in the morning, with the first two buses leaving at 5.00 AM, followed by two at 6.00 AM, two at 8.00 AM, and the last two leaving at 10.30 AM. Bus from Bangkok to Saraburi takes 1 hour 30 minutes.

Departing from the Bangkok’s Morchit 2 Bus Terminal, bus from Bangkok to Saraburi arrive at one of two destinations in the Saraburi province: Amphur Hin Kong Bus Station or the Amphur Wihan Daeng Bus Station. Bangkok’s Morchit 2 Bus Terminal caters to bus travelers visiting large cities as well as remote areas in Northern Thailand. Morchit 2 is a modern facility boasting of all essential services.

About Saraburi

Saraburi province, around 108 kms from Bangkok, is famous for historical sites and famous Thai food. Saraburi city, the capital of the province, is best known for the ancient 17th Century Buddha Temple that has the holy “footprint” of Buddha. Namtok Chet Sao Noi and Phra Phutthachai National Parks are other major tourist attractions of Saraburi.

Tips for Travelers

Around December, farmers of Saraburi Province harvest bright-colored sunflowers that fill up vast areas of land up to the horizon. This is a good time to visit the Saraburi province. It is a good idea to book tickets in advance to avoid disappointment. Online bookings on our site will ensure you don’t miss out on the wonderful opportunity of seeing nature at its peak.

We also offer the facility of reserving your tickets online and pay later anytime till 23.30 (11.30pm) ICT (Bangkok) time. Please note you have to be already present in Thailand to avail of this facility.

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