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Bangkok - Roi Et from 313.00 THB

Bangkok - Roi Et

time to destination
time to destination
09 hrs 00 min
time to destination
08 hrs 00 min

Bangkok - Roi Et

Bangkok to Roi Et - By Bus

When it comes to travelling by bus on the Bangkok-Roi Et route, we are the most suitable destination to look for dependable travel options. We offer bus rides from several bus operators like Prayat tour, Sahaphan Roi Et Tour and Rung Prasert Tour from Bangkok to Roi Et, with ticket prices ranging from 320 to 424 Baht.

All the buses from Bangkok to Roi Et depart during the evening and make 13 trips per day. The departure time for Bangkok-Roi Et buses starts from 6.30 PM and continues up to 10 PM. The bus commute from Bangkok to Roi Et lasts anywhere from about 6 hours 40 minutes to 8 hours 20 minutes. You can choose to travel by Economy class or First class, according to your preference.

In the Roi Et province, buses arrive at various destinations like Roi Et bus terminal, Amphur Phanom Phrai Bus Station, Amphur Suwannaphum Bus Station, Amphur Phanom Phrai Bus Station, among others.

Roi Et bus terminal, the main bus station of the province, is located in the center of the town of Roi Et (the capital of Roi Et province.) The bus terminal offers various amenities to passengers ranging from a covered waiting area to numerous stalls selling snacks.

About Roi Et

The Roi Et province is situated in the center of Isaan in Thailand’s north-eastern area. This province is known for its eleven mesmerizing city gates, tall images of Lord Buddha, beautiful handicrafts and historical buildings.

In the Roi Et province, you may also visit the Ku Kasing, a big Khmer sanctuary, based in Kaset Wisai district. We have 4 buses destined for Kaset Wisai Bus Station. One of the important attractions of Roi Et town is the large artificial lake named Bung Phlan Chai. This lake is famous for its gigantic statue of the Lord Buddha situated at the center of the island.

Tips for Travellers

In order to experience the Roi Et province’s rocket festivals, held during the months of May and June, it is always advisable to book your ticket in advance. Using our site, you can book tickets up to 3 months in advance.

Since all the buses are air-conditioned, if you cannot handle too much cold, we suggest to carry some warm clothes to beat the chill.

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