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Bangkok - Ranong from 403.00 THB

Bangkok - Ranong

Bus – Bangkok-Ranong

We offer several Bangkok-Ranong buses from leading providers like Lignite Tour and Niwamite Tour. Tickets for the Bangkok to Ranong bus route cost from 414 Baht. All buses from Bangkok to Ranong leave in the evening with one bus leaving at 7:05 PM and 4 buses leaving at 9 PM. It takes anywhere from 8.5 to 9.5 hours to go from Bangkok to Ranong by bus.

Buses to Ranong from Bangkok leave from the Southern Bus Terminal in Bangkok. The bus station has an air-conditioned complex and has destination boards and timetables in English.

At Ranong, buses stop a little far away from the main town. From there, you can get songthaews to reach your destination.

About Ranong

Ranong province is famous for its long rainy season (each year the region sees 8 months of rainfall). Ranong province has 62 islands and several beaches. The province also has lots of mountains, waterfalls and mangrove forests. Ranong hot springs are a popular tourist attraction. If you are looking for a less crowded island in Thailand, Phayam in Ranong is an ideal choice.

Ranong city, which is the capital of the province, is a major hub for fishing and trading. Ranong town also serves as an entrance to Myanmar; you can reach the country by taking a boat from Ranong. Popular activities in Ranong include diving, fishing, trekking and elephant riding.

Tips for travelers

May to October sees the heaviest rainfall in Ranong. Buses are the best mode of transport for reaching Ranong from Bangkok, because there’s only one flight every day for this route.

For the best experience, it is advisable to book bus tickets online. Not only does it take away the trouble of going to the bus station, you also get various other advantages like a variety of payment options, easy-to-use web interface, and helpful customer service.

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