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Bangkok - Loei from 337.00 THB

Bangkok - Loei

time to destination
time to destination
09 hrs 00 min

Bangkok - Loei

Bangkok to Loei

If you want to go from Bangkok to Loei, traveling by bus is the cheapest option. We provide you economy-class, air-conditioned buses to take you from Bangkok to Loei. All our buses on the Bangkok to Loei route are from Phu Kra Dueng Tours. Bus fare for the commute ranges from 398 Baht to 430 Baht.

We have 12 Bangkok to Loei bus departures throughout the day. Buses from Bangkok to Loei begin at 8.30 AM in the morning. And there are 6 buses in the evening between 8 PM and 9.30 PM. The bus journey from Bangkok to Loei can take anywhere from 6 hours 50 minutes to 12 hours, depending upon the route.

Bangkok to Loei buses leave from Bangkok’s Northern Bus Terminal (Morchit 2), which is the busiest bus terminal of Bangkok. This newly-built bus terminal is well-equipped with facilities such as ATMs, cafes, and fast food eateries. Bangkok to Loei buses will drop you at various places in Loei, including Loei Bus Terminal, the provincial bus terminal that is located a few kilometers south of Loei town. Buses also go to other places like Wang Sa Pung Bus Station, Ban Tad Bus Station, and Chiang Khan Bus Station.

About Loei

Loei province is located 520 kms from Bangkok, on the banks of the famous Mekong River and is surrounded by the highest mountain ranges, named Phetchabun Range. Loei Province is well-known for its surreal natural beauty and abundant natural flora. Some of the famous activities in Loei province are climbing to the top of Phu Kradung, visiting Phu Rua National Park, or visiting Phu Luang’s rock formations.

Tips for Travelers

Loei province has extreme temperatures; before packing, please check the weather conditions.

At,, you can make online bus bookings up to 3 months in advance. You will receive your electronic ticket in your mail within 5 minutes of booking. However, in order to board the bus, you will need to check-in at the bus station and exchange your ticket for a Boarding Pass.

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