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Bangkok - Hat Yai from 643.00 THB

Bangkok - Hat Yai

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time to destination

Bangkok - Hat Yai

Bangkok-Hat Yai - Buses

We are a leading provider of Bangkok to Hat Yai bus services. Carriers Siam Dean Rot and Piya Rungrueng Tour offer over 20 bus departures from Bangkok to Hat Yai every day. We provide Economy, First-class as well as VIP buses from Bangkok to Hat Yai.

Travel time from Bangkok to Hat Yai by bus ranges from 11 hours 40 minutes to 13 hours. Ticket prices range from 661 Baht to 1,028 Baht, depending on the type of bus. Most of the Bangkok-Hat Yai buses leave in the evening, starting from 3.30 PM to 8.00 PM, at departure frequencies of 10 to 30 minutes; if you’re an early traveler, we also have a bus from Bangkok to Hat Yai that leaves in the morning.

Our Bangkok-Hat Yai buses depart from Bangkok’s Southern Bus Terminal and arrive at Hat Yai Bus Terminal, located at Chotevittayakul Road, Tambon Hat Yai. The arrival bus station offers buses to several provinces of Thailand; you can also get buses to Singapore and Malaysia from this bus terminal.

About Hat Yai

Hat Yai is the commercial, shopping, and entertainment center of Southern Thailand. The city is located in the Songkhla province, and is only 30 kilometers away from the Malaysian border. It comprises of a diverse population, with Chinese, Malay, and Thai making up its denizens. Hat Yai has several pubs and discos and a vibrant night life.

Popular tourist hot-spots of Hat Yai include the huge reclining Buddha and the adventurous Bhasawang Big Splash, a water slide that’s 15-meter long.

Tips for Travelers

Hat Yai is known for its bull fights, which are held every month on Highway No.4, which is close to the airport.

If you’ve booked your tickets online through us, and you haven’t received an email or can’t find the tickets on our member zone, contact our staff immediately. You can speak to our representative anytime from Monday to Friday, between 9.00 AM to 18.00 Bangkok time.

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