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Bangkok - Chonburi from 139.00 THB

Bangkok - Chonburi

Bangkok to Chonburi - by Bus

For the Bangkok to Chonburi bus route, we offer more than 35 trips a day. Offering you first-class buses, our operator for the Bangkok-Chonburi bus route is Sun Bus. Bus tickets from Bangkok to Chonburi typically cost between 275 Baht and 288 Baht. Bangkok-Chonburi buses are available all throughout the day from 8.00 AM to 23.59 PM, at departure frequencies of 2 hours.

Bangkok-Chonburi buses leave from either the Bangkok Bus Terminal Morchit 2 or Sun Bus Bangkok Station. Buses going from Bangkok to Chonburi end at two destinations in the Chonburi province: La Han and Non Chan Bus Stops. The travel time taken by Bangkok-Chonburi buses ranges between 4 hours 25 minutes and 4 hours 35 minutes, depending on your destination.

About Chonburi

Based on the eastern coast of the Gulf of Thailand, Chonburi is Bangkok’s nearest seaside province. The province is well-known for its numerous beaches, widely celebrated local traditions, and regional food specialties, including its famous seafood.

Besides the scenic beaches, other tourist hotspots of this area are the Si Racha Tiger Farm, the million-year Stone Park and Crocodile farm, and the Khao Khiao Open Zoo which houses as many as 8,000 animals. Chonburi town, the administrative centre of the Chonburi province, has various shopping malls, such as the Central Plaza Chonburi.

Tips for Travelers

One of the top activities for visitors to Chonburi is relishing the fresh seafood available in the province. Due to the absence of direct airways to and from the province of Chonburi, the best and easiest way to travel on this route is by bus.

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