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Bangkok - Chaiyaphum from 184.00 THB

Bangkok - Chaiyaphum

Bangkok to Chaiyaphum offers several Bangkok to Chaiyaphum buses. Bangkok-Chaiyaphum buses start from 7.30 AM in the morning and the last bus is at 23:59. Buses from Bangkok to Chaiyaphum are available at departure frequencies of 30 minutes to an hour. Travel time from Bangkok to Chaiyaphum varies from 4 hours 10 minutes to 5 hours 40 minutes. We offer Bangkok to Chaiyaphum buses from leading carriers like Sun Bus and Tienchal Air. In terms of ticket rates, Bangkok to Chaiyaphum can cost anywhere from 220 Baht to 288 Baht.

Buses leaving from Bangkok to Chaiyaphum depart from the Morchit Bus Terminal, the largest bus transportation hub in Bangkok. This newly-built air-conditioned complex has good seating, food courts, and snacks and drinks stalls. The bus station at Chaiyaphum is centrally located. From the bus station, you can get lots of tuk-tuks to reach your desired destination.

About Chaiyaphum

Chaiyaphum province is located between central and northern Thailand. It is a mix of forests, mountains and plateaus. The province has several waterfalls, particularly active in the rainy season. The major mountain ranges of Chaiyaphum are Phu Phang Hoei, Phu Laen Kha, and Phu Phaya Fo, which is also the source of the Chi River. Various ancient civilizations have overlapped at Chaiyaphum and thus the province has numerous archaeological remains.

Tips for Travelers

Always check the price with the driver before climbing a tuk-tuk.

If you book tickets though our site, you get a range of payment options.

Note that if you reserve your ticket on our website, your bus ticket will be reserved in our system only till 23.30 (11.00pm) ICT (Bangkok) time on the day when you’re making the booking, which means the payment for the booking has to be made before this time. If the payment is not received by this time, your booking and seat will not be valid and you’ll have to make another booking.

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