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Aranyaprathet - Sa Kaeo from 14.00 THB

Aranyaprathet - Sa Kaeo

Aranyaprathet-Sa Kaeo by bus

At, we have numerous buses from Aranyaprathet to Sa Kaeo, all throughout the day, starting from 7.30 AM till 5.15 PM. Aranyaprathet-Sa Kaeo buses are available at departure frequencies of 30 minutes to an hour. Travel time from Aranyaprathet to Sa Kaeo takes up to 1 hour 35 minutes. In terms of ticket rates, Aranyaprathet to Sa Kaeo can cost anywhere from 14 Baht to 85 Baht, depending on where you want to get down at Sa Kaeo province.

Buses from Aranyaprathet to Sa Kaeo leave from Rongkluea Bus Stop, which is located near the end of Rongkluea market, a large market of fake designer goods.

Aranyaprathet-Sa Kaeo buses arrive at one of the several locations in the Sa Kaeo province: Amphur Aranyaprathet Bus Station, Amphur Watthana Nakhon Bus Station, Tambon Nong Kung Bus Station, Sa Kaeo Bus Terminal, and Tambon Sala Lamduan Bus Station. These bus stations have taxis and tuk-tuks waiting for passengers to take them to their desired destinations.

About Sa Kaeo

Sa Kaeo is name of a province and same name municipality, located in Eastern Thailand. It is nearly 245 kms away from Bangkok, which incidentally is the nearest airport from Sa Kaeo. The province has some attractive waterfalls and forests as well as several attractions with cultural significance. Sa Kaeo’s history dates back to more than 1,000 years. At one point, it was a very prosperous and significant community.

Two popular attractions at Sa Kaeo are the Pang Sida and Ta Phraya National Parks. Sa Kaeo also serves as a gateway from Thailand to Cambodia, and plays a crucial role in commerce between the two countries.

Tips for Travellers

When going to Cambodia from Thailand, beware of fraudster buses and taxis who may offer unusually cheap trips to Siem Reap in Cambodia.

Buses get very crowded during weekends and holiday seasons, and therefore it is advisable to book tickets in advance.

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