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Surat Thani - Bangkok from 457.00 THB

Surat Thani - Bangkok

Surat Thani to Bangkok – Travel options

You can choose from a few providers of buses from Surat Thani to Bangkok. Sri Suthep Tour offers economy class buses, Bangkok Bus Line and Lomphraya offers a combination of first class buses and ferries from the nearby islands in Surat Thani province to Bangkok.

Our buses from Surat Thani to Bangkok have departure timings of 7:15 PM and 7:30 PM with ticket prices between 470 Baht and 548 Baht. The commute time by can range from 8 hours 15 minutes to 9 hours 30 minutes. Buses start from the Surat Thani Bus Station and arrive at one of two destinations in Bangkok: Southern Bus Terminal and the Sombat Tour Bangkok Office, Vipawadee.

Tickets from Lomphraya from Surat Thani to Bangkok are priced at 1,300 Baht and 1,400 Baht, with ferries from islands departing both in the morning as well as the evening. By Lomphraya, Surat Thani-Bangkok journey takes 11 hours 30 minutes to 12 hours 30 minutes.

Lomphraya ferries take its passengers from Thong Sala Pier at Koh Phangan and Maenam Pier at Koh Samui; all buses arrive at Lomprayah Office in Bangkok, which is located at Tani road, Talad -Yod, Phra-Nakorn.

About Bangkok

The most-sought after destination in Thailand, Bangkok houses tourist spots for all types of visitors – right from historic Buddhist temples to sprawling shopping malls.

Local street markets like Chatuchak weekend and night markets are a popular destination for shoppers. The capital city also boasts of a rich cultural charm with the presence of the Grand Palace and a collection of museums.

Tips for Travelers

Bangkok is well-known for its happening New Year’s parties and you can set your travel plans around that time to be a part of the vibrant festivities.

It is recommended to book your bus or ferry e-tickets well in advance to avoid last-minute holiday rush. Through our site, it is possible to book tickets up to 3 months in advance.

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