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Phuket - Bangkok from 479.85 THB

Phuket - Bangkok

Phuket to Bangkok – Bus

If you’re wondering how to get from Phuket to Bangkok, buses are the best most mode of transport. offers sufficent number of Phuket-Bangkok buses. In the morning, the first bus to Bangkok from Phuket leaves at 7 AM. And between 3.30 PM and 7 PM, there are many Phuket-Bangkok buses at departure frequencies of 30 minutes to an hour. A single bus ticket from Phuket to Bangkok costs between 603 Baht (Economy class, air-conditioned) and 938 Baht (First class). By bus, Phuket to Bangkok takes 12 hours.

When going from Phuket to Bangkok by bus, you will have to start from Phuket’s Terminal 2 bus station. The recently developed bus station is based 4 kilometers from Phuket’s main town. There are various ways of reaching the terminal, including tuk-tuk, metered taxi, motorcycle taxi, songthaew, etc.

Buses leaving from Phuket to Bangkok arrive at the Southern Terminal Bus Station. Depending on the traffic situation, it can take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour to reach the main town of Bangkok from the bus station.

About Bangkok

Bangkok is Thailand’s capital in every sense – politics, economics, culture, food, and spirituality. The city of Bangkok combines traditional heritage with modern infrastructure. Bangkok’s various temples and palaces are a strong symbol of the city’s cultural heritage. On the other hand, Bangkok has several nightclubs and party spots, making it one of the most happening destinations in the world. Bangkok is also a famous shopping destination with a mix of traditional markets and modern shopping malls.

Tips for travelers

Phuket-Bangkok is a busy route, and therefore it is advisable to book bus tickets in advance. This is particularly true during holidays when many people are visiting Bangkok. At, you can book bus tickets online in advance (up to 3 months). One of the main advantages of online booking is you don’t have to travel to the bus station. Online booking also provides you with various payment options.

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