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Krabi - Bangkok from 479.85 THB

Krabi - Bangkok

If you want to know how to get from Krabi to Bangkok, the best mode of transport is by bus. At, we have got few Krabi-Bkk (short form for Bangkok) buses. The first of the Krabi-Bangkok buses leaves at 8 AM, and there’s afternoon bus available as well, reaching Bangkok early next morning. Ticket prices for Krabi-Bangkok buses range from 603 Baht (morning bus) to 885 Baht (evening bus). Travel time between Krabi-Bangkok can be 11 to 12 hours. We offer buses from Lignite Tour, one of the leading bus carriers of Thailand.

Krabi town is famous as a transportation hub for those going towards the southern part of Thailand, which has various beaches and tourist attractions. Krabi’s long-distance bus station is located 5 kms from Talad Kao. Locally, the generic name for a bus station in Thai is Bor Kor Sor. Just say “Bor Kor Sor” to a tuk-tuk or taxi driver and he’ll understand where you want to go.

Buses arriving from Krabi stop at Bangkok’s Southern Terminal Bus station. From here, it can 30 mins to an hour by taxi to reach the main town.

About Bangkok

Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand, is also sometimes referred as the “city of angels” (that’s the rough translation of the city’s Thai name, Krung Thep.) The city has a range of attractions, including various cultural destinations like temples and palaces. Bangkok has over 400 Buddhist temples, and it is not unusual to find monks, dressed in saffron robes, roaming around the city. Bangkok also has a happening night life and is a famous shopping destination. Given the vast variety of attractions, the city has something to offer to all types of travelers.

Tips for Travelers

To avoid any last-minute hassles, it is advisable to book your bus tickets in advance. This is particularly true during peak seasons such as holiday seasons or during festivals when Bangkok tends to get very crowded. At, you can book bus tickets up to 3 months in advance.

At the bus station, you need to exchange your electronic ticket with a boarding pass. You need to give one of the following to collect your boarding pass: printed copy of the electronic ticket; a saved copy of the ticket on computer or mobile; or written number of your ticket with a full list of passengers.

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