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Hat Yai - Bangkok from 643.00 THB

Hat Yai - Bangkok

Hat Yai To Bangkok – By bus

We are a preferred online destination when it comes to booking Hat Yai-Bangkok bus tickets. Operators Siam Dean Rot and Piya Rungrueng Tour offer 5 bus departures every day from Hat Yai to Bangkok; depending on your preference and budget, you can choose from Economy, VIP or First Class buses.

Most of the buses from Hat Yai to Bangkok depart in the evening, with the first bus leaving at 15.00 and the final bus leaving at 17.00. For morning travelers, there’s a bus from Hat Yai to Bangkok that leaves at 7.30 AM.

A normal journey from Hat Yai to Bangkok by bus lasts between 12 hours 30 minutes and 13 hours. By bus, Hat Yai to Bangkok commute can cost anywhere from 693 Baht to 1078 Baht, depending on the class of bus chosen by you.

All our Hat Yai-Bangkok buses leave from Piya Tour Office in Hat Yai city, which is a part of Songkhla province.

All buses end at Bangkok Bus Terminal (South), located on Borommaratchachonnani Road in Bangkok.

About Hat Yai

The fourth largest city of Thailand, Hat Yai is often confused as the capital of Songkhla province (because it’s the largest city of the province). However, Songkhla town is the capital of the province while Hat Yai is the main business center.

Based near the border of Malaysia, this city has a population of nearly 800,000. Hat Yai has a diverse population of people from various nationalities, including Chinese, Thais, and Malays.

Hat Yai is a very popular destination for people coming from Malaysia, who come across the border to enjoy the city’s vibrant nightlife and delicious seafood, as well as to continue their travels to their next destinations in Thailand, to Bangkok, beaches or islands in Thailand.

Tips for travelers

When planning a visit to Hat Yai, do take into Malaysian holidays as typically the city is very crowded around this time. It is advisable to book hotel rooms and bus tickets in advance.

If you want to know more about the difference in Economy/VIP/First Class buses, check out the Types of Buses page on our website. This page has detailed information on services available in each of these bus types.

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