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Bangkok - Narathiwat from 799.00 THB

Bangkok - Narathiwat

Bangkok-Narathiwat- By Bus

At our site, you can easily book Bangkok to Narathiwat bus tickets online. We offer Bangkok-Narathiwat buses from two bus operators: Siam Dean Rot and Piya Rungrueng Tour. While the former provides direct trips in VIP and Economy classes, the latter offers Economy class buses for the Bangkok-Narathiwat route. Travel time from Bangkok to Narathiwat is between 12 hours to 17 hours 40 minutes, depending on your ultimate destination in Narathiwat province. Bangkok-Narathiwat Economy class buses depart at 5:00 PM, 5.20 PM and 8:50 PM, the VIP buses set off at 5:15 PM.

Buses depart from Bangkok’s Southern Bus Terminal, which is an air-conditioned complex with destination boards in English. It offers travelers a number of shops, bank outlets and fast-food joints.

Buses arrive at various bus stations in Narathiwat province such as Narathiwat Bus Terminal, which is the main bus terminal of the province. Other destinations in the province include Narathiwat Amphur Su-ngai Kolok, Ka La Pho, Ton Sai, Amphur Bacho, Amphur Tak Bai, and Tambon Manang Dalam.

Ticket rates for the Bangkok-Narathiwat bus journey can cost anywhere from 799 Baht to 1310 Baht; VIP class tickets start from 1,243 Baht.

About Narathiwat

Situated in the South of Thailand, Narathiwat is a fishing and agricultural province with a beautiful beach. A popular tourist hotspot is the Budo – Sungai Padi National Park, which was established in 1974. Part of the San Kala Khiri mountain range, the park covers an area of about 294 square km. The Narathiwat province also houses a 300-year-old mosque called Masjid Saam Roi Phi.

Tips for Travelers

Narathiwat province has been subject to some regional unrest in the past. Travelers should be prepared to deal with occasional security measures like curfews or military patrols in some of the affected areas.

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